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There is no authority above your own.


 Salutations loved ones! I am a soul expression exercising my sovereign birthright  residing in Hampton roads.
 You may address me as Ayo~ or Spiritual Expressionist, S.Ex ~for short. I built this  site to share my experience living within the law society awakening to the exercise  of our sovereign birthrights. I reclaimed my sovereignty about 5 years ago after  realizing how the structure of the law society was diminishing joy from my life.  Joy  is the reason we came here and to not express joy or live a joyous life is akin  to a  sin against all in existence. A move towards the next progression by the  collective;  yes, change is inevitable!

 On this website I offer an alternative to living against the purpose of life; the  purpose of life being joy, I will host a series of classes to those that wish to
 awaken  to the truth of who we truly are, sovereign soul expressions.
 Class will cover the following:

 Sharing my experience exercising my sovereign birthright
 What is sovereignty
 How to reclaim it
 How to exercise it

 Soul expression in connection to sovereignty
 What is a soul expression
 How to awaken it
 How to exercise it

 How to rebut the law society
 Benefit vs. Non-Benefit

 I am simply the host of these classes and they will not be restricted from anyone  who wants to question my experience, challenge my perspective or have an open  debate of soveriegnty vs law society. The door will be open to anyone who wants  to share.

 additional classes of interest
 I host a Champaign called "Feeling is my new fetish". This class is the next  progress to soul expression. I will begin to offer it with growing interest from the  public. If you are curious about the next progression please do reach out to me  via phone, email or text and reference the feeling class.
Some will argue that sovereignty is more trouble than its worth; that perspective comes straight from a place of fear. False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear of assuming responsibility for ones self. Fear of being independent. Fear of taking authority away from those who abuse it. The authority you know of does not have your best interest in mind if they put restrictions, demands and fear in your life. It is universally impossible for anything to have your best interest in mind. Only you can have your best interest in mind. It is up to you to discern your embrace or resistance to false evidence that may appear to be real.

Allow your curiosity to lead you to question everything about your life and the way you live emotionally. This class can open the door to that burning curiosity that has been stifled by the "too busy" way of life we live. Start asking why. Apply it in your everyday life. Why not? The worst that can happen is you begin to understand your life. My personal experience with asking why is that life gets better when you have an understanding of what you are dealing with. Question everything especially if it does not make sense to you. What I will share is not for one to accept or reject, it is primarily for ones own consideration. When you realize your own authority, there is no right or wrong there is only beneficial verses non- beneficial. 

Come for the experience, to see how to create an alternative in your life.